SmoothPay Payroll

SmoothPay terms and payment options...

Terms & Conditions

  • Your use of SmoothPay implies acceptance of our published Licence Agreement and Fair Use Policy
  • The desktop subscription price includes 12 months helpdesk support subscription and any updates released in that period (these typically include bug fixes, improvements and changes, updated tax tables and legislative changes)
  • Ongoing charges (the annual subscription) apply on the anniversary of your activation date and provide you with a further 12 months helpdesk support and access to updates
  • The goPayroll (online) monthly subscription provides helpdesk support and access while your subscription remains current
  • Your helpdesk subscription entitles you to continued updates, tax table and legislative changes, and helpdesk support and online desktop training (except re-training)
  • If you do not renew your subscription then your ability to process payroll will stop on or after the current subscription expiry date. This does not prevent you accessing your data, it simply means you can no longer process pays.
  • SmoothPay is intended for internal use by the company purchasing the software. If you process payroll as a service (e.g. Accounting or Book-Keeping firm or payroll Bureau, or process payroll outside the country it is being used for (e.g. you are located in NZ but process payroll for a PNG or Australian company)) then you must select the Bureau option when purchasing or renewing your subscription or otherwise negotiate a purchase and renewal agreement with SmoothPay Ltd and you will be invoiced the agreed amount.

Activation and Renewal (desktop payroll)

  • An activation code will be issued after purchase which will permit use, updates and support of the software for 12 months from the activation date.
  • Smoothpay will begin reminding you to renew your subscription starting 5 weeks before expiry and will usually cause the subscription page to open in your browser
  • A renewal code will be issued on receipt of payment for the annual subscription fee, payable on the anniversary of your activation.
  • Activation and Renewal codes are typically issued within one working day of your order and confirmation of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: The EXPRESS licence subscription for up to 3 staff is specially priced without a live-support component. If you require live support or additional training or trouble-shooting and have an EXPRESS licence then you must purchase the next level support subscription.