SQLite data dictionary class generator for RealStudio (RealBasic)

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Jan 2013: Sorry, this project has been superseded and is no longer available for download. We now have a new version data dictionary *and* RS Window (form) generator…and it's way cooler than the old version described below. However, the same database design rules apply. We're not sure if we're going to release it as a freebie yet, as we'd like to complete it with our new report code generator options too…stay tuned.

This project lets you print and generate data schema classes in XML so you can add them to your project and utilise our framework for dealing with database records.

When you build and run the datadict project (assuming it runs - you may need plugins, we haven't checked), the following will occur:

1) You'll be prompted for a SQLite database to generate a data dictionary for

2) The database being examined will automatically have a datadict table created internally - it must match the format the program expects.

3) The data dictionary entries will be generated/updated automatically from the table definitions in the database

4) You can then examine the data dictionary entries, edit any comments you'd like to make, and print and/or generate the XML Class files - these will be created in a schema sub-folder from the database file you're examining and the folder will be displayed.

Data Dictionaryschema-1

See our Framework Project for why you might want a data dictionary class generator. The classes can be dragged into your RealStudio project and allows you to access records using table.field conventions instead of (in addition to) recordset.field("fieldname") conventions used by RealStudio (and you'd soon get tired of that).

WARNING: This is very early code and has not been reviewed in a few years - if you want to copy anything from it we suggest you explore the much more up-to-date Framework Project instead. We've provided this as source code in case you need to change it to suit your own needs.

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